Wall Sawing

This system of cutting concrete is a very user friendly way of cutting concrete & brickwork normally used to form new doorways or window openings. It is not only a quiet way of cutting but also a very accurate way of cutting, once the required opening has been cut the new door or window frames can be affixed directly to the cut line immediately on completion.

As part of our drive to becoming a more efficient and a more greener company, we have removed all our old hydraulic saw systems and replaced them with the latest state of the art electronic remote controlled light weight computerized saw systems, these machines are so much cleaner than the old systems and with zero oil within them there is no chances from spills and pollution, which could damage sites being worked on.

The high frequency track mounted saw system is the latest in technology the operator is completely independent from the saw with a control panel fixed around the operator’s waist giving him the opportunity to constantly check the working environment and make adjustments in complete safety.