Hydraulic Bursting

The system of using bursting is a safe alternative method of breaking concrete without the risks of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and noise.

The major benefits for using this technique are not only the HAVS reduction, which has become a major safety concern in the construction industry but also the noise and dust elements, when carrying out this task it makes it possible for other people in or around the working environment to go about their business in the usual manner, where as with breaking the concrete out noise and dust become a major problem.

The process of Hydraulic Bursting is a simple one in that holes of various sizes are drilled (48mm, 127mm & 200mm diameter depending on the task at hand or the type of burster used) at random centres where the appropriate bursting head is inserted and pumped up to maximum pressure that in turns forms a crack along to the next hole, if the concrete is re-enforced then a shim or two is added to give a greater crack line thus exposing the re-enforcement bar, which in turn is cut to release that particular section of concrete the whole process is repeated until such time the opening is formed.