Concrete Crunching

When looking at removing concrete or indeed brick structures it is not always possible to get a remote controlled Brokk to the work area, therefore there is always an alternative.

This alternative for breaking out concrete, which like bursting is a user-friendly way of removing concrete or brickwork relatively quiet and more important safely. It works by first forming a small aperture within the area of structure being removed in which to place the hand held jaws. This is usually done by the diamond cutting techniques (set out on the individual services page)

Once an aperture has been cut the jaws of the cruncher are inserted on the area being demolished and systematically opened & closed on the structure to form cracks around the concrete of the steel re-enforcement bars, which in turn are cut to release the area ready for another bite of the jaws, this process is systematically repeated until such time that the whole area has been demolished and safely removed.